I used the vacuum bell for 3 years consistently using it twice a day for a minimum of 30 minutes, I also combined it with the recommended exercises plus general exercise. After 3 years the vacuum bell had not decreased the depth of my chest wall. I found my chest wall would return to its normal depth roughly 2 hours after treatment. I feel that the vacuum bell could work for milder cases of PE, and may be in younger teenagers but for fully grown adults I can't see it having long term results. This is obviously my own opinion based on my own experience. Although it didn't work for me I would still recommend trying it because for that chance it might work surely its worth it. If it doesn't work just sell the vacuum bell I am sure there will be someone out there ready to try also.

On the main page of this website I explained how I deleted the original version of this website where I had documented my use of the vacuum bell over the years. I did this after 3 years of use of the bell with no results. I selfishly did this in anger because I had committed a lot of time to this treatment. So because I deleted I no longer have the progressive pictures of my treatment.

I do still however have the two videos I uploaded to You Tube of me actually using the vacuum bell

I didn't experience any severe side effects. The only side effect I experienced was blood blisters as you can see from video 2. I think this possibly was from over use however they did get very soar and had to suspend treatment for a few days whilst they healed. If you have a hairy chest I also recommend that you shave it so the vacuum bell creates a good seal and also to stop irritation.

Pectus Excavatum Me 1 Pectus Excavatum Me 2 Pectus Excavatum Me 3
Pictures of my PE now
Shortly after I decided to stop using the vacuum bell I discovered the sport of rock climbing. I started to attend my local climbing wall on a weekly basis and just wanted to climber harder and harder routes. So I started training specifically to improve my strength and flexibility. I train two to three times during the week and generally will climb most weekends. Having a strong core is essential to being a good climber and I have found that this has really helped the appearance of my PE. Apart from the physical side climbing also pushes you mentally. It builds confidence in yourself and also gives you a good adrenaline rush which is always good.

Apart from specific training in the gym I rotate it with classes such as Yoga, Body Balance and Power Stretch. These classes not only work on your flexibility but your core again. In fact most of the exercises they recommend you do during the vacuum bell therapy treatment are yoga based.

I am not saying that everyone with PE should start rock climbing but I used to find it hard motivating myself to go the gym. But now training has a purpose, I have belief and confidence in myself I don't think I have ever had. My PE has by no means gone but I find it a little easier looking in the mirror nowadays.

My training consists of mainly body weight training so you can pretty much do it anywhere. I have found that chin ups especially over hand chin ups really work the muscles around the chest wall area. They also build strength in your back which is good for improving your posture which most people with PE will know is difficult.
If you have the flared ribs as well like me then you should try looking for exercises which are related to rotator cuff injuries. There are quite a few and I have found they really help pull your ribs in.

Obviously everything on this page is based on my own experience and what might work for me might not work for someone else but for the chance it might I think its worth sharing.