My name is Matt and I actually started this site over 8 years ago when I purchased a Vacuum Bell from Eckart Klobe. I wanted to document my use of the vacuum bell and hopefully report any improvements in my Pectus Excavatum. However after 3 years of consistent use my pectus excvatum depth had not changed. The more I used the vacuum bell the easier my chest wall would raise to where it should be but it would always return. I persevered with this for 3 years which was a big commitment however I just felt in the end that it just was not working for me. After that and feeling a little deflated I took down the website and deleted it. It wasn't until I noticed how many views and comments that a couple of my videos had received of me using the vacuum bell, I realized that I had been very selfish because although it didn't work for me it doesn't say it wouldn't work for someone else and if it helps someone else thats got to be good.
Pectus Excavatum

Since I stopped using the vacuum bell I started rock climbing which was something I had never done before. I started to go to the local climbing wall and got more and more into it. I started training to improve specifically for rock climbing and have found that the training has changed my pectus more than the vacuum bell did in 3 years. I have more confidence when taking my top off, I am still not a 100% confident may be 70% which is still a vast improvement. I will discuss my training and how rock climbing has helped me psychologically and physically in more detail on the my treatment page.

So I wanted to start the site again but not just to talk about the vacuum bell, I want to make it a site for everyone who has PE and for people who don't but may be want to understand it. People often only look at the physical effects PE has, but the psychological effects are a lot of the time worse. So I want to encourage people to share, I want to know your stories, whether its about treatment you have gone through, how it effects your life on a day to day basis, how it has effected your whole life and really anything that you want to share. You can read stories from users by clicking here or to submit a story click here

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This is not a recent video but a female case of Pectus Excavatum made it on to embarrassing bodies UK, so just wanted to share the video. PE is found less in females so for those who do have it I imagine it can feel even more isolating.